EnviroVoters' endorsements for the June 4th, 2019 Special Election

Senate District 33

Lena Gonzalez

Here are 3 reasons EnviroVoters supports Lena Gonzalez for Senate District 33:

  1. As Long Beach City Councilmember, Lena fought against expanding oil drilling and authored a bill to ban ocean polluting styrofoam.

  2. Lena led on creating more green and open spaces for families across Southeast Los Angeles communities.

  3. Lena is deeply committed to the fight against climate change.

With just 12 years left to prevent catastrophic climate impacts, we need to elect leaders who can be an asset to California’s global leadership.

Lena has a proven environmental track record. She has stood up to Big Oil and the Coal industry to protect the health of her constituents, has advocated for Los Angeles River clean-up to provide families more spaces for recreation, and has pushed businesses that pollute our communities to clean up their act.

Paid for by California Environmental Voters State Committee.

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