Doubling Down on Solutions to Save California for our Kids!

Climate change is destroying what we love about California. Blessed with a massive state budget surplus, we have the resources to preserve a safe and healthy future for our kids. By taking action together, we can ensure our leaders pass a #CLIMATECOURAGEBUDGET to hold polluters accountable and invest our surplus in saving California! 

Join our campaign to ensure Governor Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers pass a #CLIMATECOURAGEBUDGET dedicating at least $75 billion over five years –  just 5 percent of state spending – to protect our future. See our budget priorities here.

#CLIMATECOURAGEBUDGET means thinking big. Really big. It’s exciting to see Governor Newsom seek the state’s largest climate investment ever. Solving the climate crisis demands doubling down on this proposal so our spending actually matches the scale of threat California faces from pollution, record wildfires, record drought, record extreme heat waves, and the loss of our natural heritage found nowhere else. 

#CLIMATECOURAGEBUDGET means getting real about the amount of spending we need to succeed. Only a massive investment can overcome massive challenges. How else can we expect to bring justice to communities near polluters, move markets and create jobs to power our economy on clean energy, and avoid burdening our kids with an irreversible climate catastrophe?

#CLIMATECOURAGEBUDGET means investing in climate solutions before time runs out. This decade is our last chance to stabilize our climate. We have the know-how. Our budget surplus provides a boost of resources to unleash it. We need determined leaders to act!

Take action now. Polluters and their allies inside the Capitol are working hard to ensure California squanders its surplus with weak action and delay. If they succeed, today’s climate extremes will only get more intense, more frequent, and more destructive.

Tell CA leaders to pass a #ClimateCourageBudget!