EnviroVoters 2021 Podcast Favorites

EnviroVoters 2021 Podcast Favorites

With summer coming to a close, the staff at EnviroVoters is here to share our favorite podcasts that we’ve been enjoying and listening to. As staff, we are always tuning in to our favorite podcasts on our drives to work, when taking walks, and even when cooking food. These selections will guide you in learning more about important topics such as the environmental movement, current events, and California politics. We hope you appreciate and love these podcasts as much as we do!


Elise Fandrich, Policy Affairs Associate

How to Save a Planet by Gimlet

The podcast How to Save a Planet asks bold questions about the environmental movement like how to solve the climate crisis and what steps we must take to get it done. Episode by episode, the hosts, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Alex Blumberg, explore various aspects of the environmental movement to guide discussion around building an environmentally just future. This podcast is great for folks with any level of knowledge on U.S. environmental policy solutions, who also want to individually take steps and learn more about solving the climate crisis.

California State of Mind

Hosted by Elizabeth Aguilera and Nicole Nixon, California State of Mind is a weekly news podcast in California politics. Through a political lens, they examine inter/national events impacting the economy and policy of California and its residents. This podcast helps listeners break down and explore topics such as the environment, justice, jobs, etc. Overall, it is a great way to get good information on what is happening in the Capitol building.

Matt Abularach-Macias, Campaigns and Organizing Manager:

No Jargon

The Scholars Strategy Network’s podcast series, No Jargon, centers around U.S. politics, policy matters, and social inequalities through interviews with top university scholars. I recommend listening to episode 172: The Battle Over Clean Energy, if you want to learn more about record climate change, the politicians at the frontline of environmental policy, and the history of climate focused laws across the nations. This podcast encompasses powerful and academically driven perspectives that are perfect for learning more about current issues experienced in America.

The Weeds

This podcast centers around politics and policy discussions. The hosts of The Weeds discuss various national issues from health care immigration to housing crisis to the impacts of carbon on climate. With episodes like “The Federal Reserve: Climate Change edition” and “White paper-palooza”, they also tackle environmental topics that go into whether the federal reserve can use monetary policy to combat the climate crisis, the impact of climate change on global migration, and the cost of carbon on society. The Weeds is perfect for individuals passionate about a wide variety of socio-economic issues.

Resa Barillas, Inland Empire Regional Organizer:

Bad with Money

This podcast takes an honest, sometimes self-deprecating, intersectional approach to personal finance, economic systems, and broken bridges between the two. Hosted by Gaby Dunn, this podcast began as a millennial journalist’s exploration into their struggles with budgeting and understanding how different areas of personal finance worked. Now, the show has evolved into a deeper discussion regarding the ways certain industries, facets of our economy, and financial systems set the average person up for financial failure.

Code Switch

The podcast, Code Switch, focuses on discussions about and around race from the lens of POC journalists. This show empathetically and thoroughly explores how race affects society and minorities. Despite the sometimes heavy content, it’s never a heavy listen, with hosts Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji offering personal perspectives and humor.

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